Project devolpment includes the entire proces from idea to realization. Through our combination of technical, financial, commercial and collaborative knowledge, we are able to deal with several kind of projects. At the moment we work mainly in the Middle East.


In the diagram below we see the method of Golden Section.







Together with the designer of Golden Section we help you to realize your vision in the field of design. We combine your personal style with our expert knowledge and are familiar with the latest developments in the field of interior design. On interior design we always consider the coherence of the whole project.
Our desiner has a good knowledge and experience of business and worked with various companies in the Middle East.

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Within our architerure we take into account the environment, beauty, strength and usability of the building. We connect the present and the past, the West and the Middle East. This enables us to meet the demand around cultural and local requirements.


All orders are handled in teams. Through the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience we encourage substantive renewal and the continued development of our craftsmanship. In addition, Golden Section have built an extensive network in Europe and the Middle East. This provides us the oppertunity to work with several different company`s